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Frequently Asked Painting Questions - Answered By All Painting Decoration Corp

What Prep Do I Need To Do Before You Arrive To Paint?

Make sure that outdoor pets are secured and won't interfere while our team is working on your home. This ensures both the safety of our painters and your pets. Take time to cover patio furniture and any other outside d├ęcor that is close to the area to be painted. Schedule pressure washing services ahead of time to remove any loose paint and dirt buildup so that your new paint has a smooth, clean surface to cover. You'll see much better and more vibrant results by including this service.

Do You Offer Commercial Painting Services, Too?

Yes! At All Painting Decoration Corp, we firmly believe that there is no job too big or small for our painting specialists. That's why we include commercial painting services for your business building, rental property, and other commercial structures. If you need to brighten up and refresh any of your commercial areas, then All Painting Decoration Corp is the professional painting contractor for you!

Is There A Right Time To Do Exterior Painting?

Experts agree that the ideal conditions for an exterior paint job are moderate temperatures and dry air to ensure that your new paint can dry without issue. See about exterior painting in early summer or fall, or simply call our experts for their opinion!

Can You Help With My Wood Deck As Well?

Of course! Our team specializes in deck painting and refinishing to protect your wooden deck from the elements and keep it looking flawless over the years. Our work removes any unsightly grime buildup and limits sun and weather damage to your deck area, so it doesn't suffer premature deterioration.

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